V&A Plaza

Planning Partners were approached by the V&A in 2017 to work with Mowana Civil Engineers to create a new pedestrian plaza where the once, large traffic circle was situated in Walter Sisulu Avenue. The traffic circle connected numerous access routes from the CBD, Walter Sisulu Avenue, South Arm Road, West Quay Road and Dock Road. The traffic circle was deemed to be a danger to pedestrians and was flawed in way finding aspects. The project was successfully completed in 2019. Our role was to design the hard and soft landscaping to the new plaza. Paving design was influenced by the [...]

V&A Battery Park

The V&A appointed us in 2016 to be part of the professional team to create a new attraction in the Waterfront, the project was completed in 2019. Battery Park is situated between Port Road, the canal and Waterway House. The brief was to incorporate remnant of a Dutch battery (fortification) with a multi storey parking facility including retail at the canal frontage and multi-use park on the top level , the same level as the heritage battery remnants. Amazing views towards the city and Table Mountain is seen from the park. The park had to accommodate a range of possible [...]

Parklands, Sandown and Rivergate

Planning Partners have been employed by Milnerton Estates since 1996 as the project landscape architects. Our design responsibility is focussed around designing, specifying, and overseeing the construction of all their neighbourhood parks. Parks are developed as development grows and adjacent homes are being completed. The parks include smaller pocket neighbourhood parks and large linear parks. Parks are provided with play equipment, walkways, benches and extensive landscaping.

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