Project Details


Hard Landscape Design

Our responsibility was to carry out the aesthetic design of the station and intersection precincts based on a theme developed by the professional team on previous IRT contracts. Most importantly the elements had to be robust as it is in the public domain. The design typically included the beautification of the four intersection quadrants, the centrally located walkways to and from the IRT station, tactile paving design, positioning of dropped kerbs and the placing of street furniture such as benches, bollards and cycle racks. We were responsible for the alignment of the NMT lane between the existing trees. A meandering layout was designed to create interest.

Soft Landscape Design

The irrigation system is fed by recycled effluent water, self-flushing filters and a fully automatic irrigation system was installed. All vulnerable irrigation components housed in lockable valve boxes.

A robust, locally indigenous planting palette was used to ensure survival in the harsh coastal climate. Planting was designed in massed groupings of species creating a visually rich landscape. Special care was taken to ensure year round colour and interest. Existing Eucalyptus trees were pruned for safety and arboricultural reasons.  Large indigenous container grown trees were installed around station precincts to improve the harsh micro climate.

The space has been transformed from an unattractive, unused environment, to a vibrant, well used urban space accommodating not only the MyCiti bus passengers, but the community at large.

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